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Tips To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

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Perfume is just as important as cosmetics for many girls. Every day we want to make ourselves smell good to provide good impression to others. However, many girls find that the smell of perfume is not long-lasting. Some people think that it is related to the temperature of our human body. In fact, the skill of how we use perfume will affect the durability of the smell. Recognizing the correct way to use perfume now and you can make others remember the perfume that belongs to you.


Misunderstanding about perfume

Almost 90% of girls spray perfume on their wrists, but most of them will do the wrong thing, that is, after they spray perfume, they will continue to rub. In fact, such actions will destroy the molecules of the aroma, change the flavor and reduce the time for the fragrance to stay. Therefore, after spraying perfume, simply use your finger to point lightly in order to spread the smell.

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The correct way to use perfume

The smell of perfume can be increased by temperature, so any places on your body that feels hot can enhance the smell of perfume. Navel is one of your good choices because navel is the location of pulse where your body’s heat radiation happens. Together with the hollow shape of the navel, it becomes the best location for spray perfume.

Beside navel, other parts with higher body temperature such as the back of the neck, wrists and elbows are ideal for spraying perfumes and can make the smell last longer.

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