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From translucent to mineral, face powder comes in many shapes, sizes and textures. Not sure which face powder is right for you? Not to worry, we’ll explain it all in this ultimate guide to face powder.

What Is Face Powder?

It a nutshell it’s a cosmetic that you put on to set foundation, or on a lighter day, BB or CC cream. You can find a variety of finishes on the market – some mattify, some add glow and others can give you a chiselled Kim K-approved contoured look.

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What Types of Powder Are Out There?

Translucent Powder

A firm favourite among the beauty gurus. Translucent powder can come both in a loose form as well as pressed. It’s commonly used to mattify and prevent shine while not altering the colours of your concealer or foundation because it’s see-through (the clue is in the name!)

Finishing Powder

This kind of face powder is used to conceal the appearance of pores or fine lines. Can a translucent powder also be a finishing powder? Of course! It is also perfect for “baking”! Not all finishing powders are translucent though, a good variety have beautiful pigments that can further enhance your complexion.

Mineral Powder

If you are keen on makeup with less chemicals, looking into mineral makeup could be a good idea for you. Mineral face powders are exactly that – powder retrieved from minerals; some even come with added vitamins. You can get a mineral face powder either pressed or loose. Mineral powders are used by the pros in place of a foundation, so only use it to cover your base if you are going for a full coverage look.

What’s the Right Powder for My Skin Type?

Dry Skin

Because face powders may sometimes accentuate dry patches on the skin, it’s best to use a small touch of powder using a big fluffy brush after you’ve moisturised and put foundation on.

Oily Skin

Introduce your skin to its new best friend, the translucent powder. It will help keep shine at bay for a longer time. Let’s leave this whole shining business to the highlighter.

Mature Skin

Finishing powders can help to minimise the visible signs of pores and wrinkles, so investing in one could be a great idea for those with mature skin.

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