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The Unexpected Ways To Wear Glitter

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We love a bit of Insta inspo, and this lot is bound to have you pumping up the volume and squeezing into those denim hot pants! That’s right – festi-season is just around the corner and we’re falling over ourselves for these hot new glitter trends. Just when we thought there couldn’t be more cray-cray ways to wear our favourite accessory (glitter boobs, anyone?), we’re finding ourselves sticking gems on our eyebrows and ditching the highlighter in favour of the super-shiny sparkly stuff. Turn up the tunes, things are about to get sassy!


Bejewelled hands

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Impracticalities aside (I mean, realistically, how long are these bad boys gonna last after one trip to the Portaloos?), bejewelled, glittery hands are super-adorbs. Experiment with chunky, rainbow glitter or deep jewel tones to create these super-chic ombré effects.

Glitter collarbones

Highlighting your collarbones with glitter is so dreamy we don’t know where to start. Sapphire stars, gold dust and angelic silvery-pink wings? These babes are seriously slaying glitter goals. Get involved by lightly dusting the sparkly stuff over your chest before choosing an even brighter colour to highlight those beautiful bones!

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Bejewelled eyebrows

There is legit more drama in this trend than the latest episode of ’enders. Seriously, thought your brows couldn’t be more on fleek? Think again, friends. The craze that was glitter brows back in ’16 has upgraded big time, and we’re seeing them everywhere, from the catwalks of Chanel to the grassy hills of Coachella. #Swoon.

Give it a go by applying different-sized gems on your brows using eyelash glue. If the bejewelled look is just a bit too extra for your liking, apply wax to your brows, then brush on glitter and add tiny gems for a super-pretty but subtle style.

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