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3 Things you need to know before transitioning to a clean beauty routine

transitioning to a clean beauty routine

You may have heard that your skin is your largest organ and you absorb what you put on it. The chemistry, formulas and application techniques of cosmetics may be fascinating. But what will you do if what you put on the skin really has that much of an impact on your health? Clean beauty means using skincare, beauty and self-care products that are free of toxins and harmful ingredients. Read on to find out what you need to know about clean beauty.

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Educate yourself

You may assume that crystal-clear essences and hot hair oil treatments had to be mostly natural. This may be your biggest mistake. The first thing you should know when transitioning to a clean beauty routine is to re-educate yourself. You might have heard many people say that they don’t want to use anything with ‘chemicals’ in it to transition to a clean beauty, which is impossible! All things are made of chemicals, some harmful and some not. The clean beauty routine is to choose the non-harmful chemicals to apply to your skin. you can find it by reading the product label.

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Learn your skin

Paying close attention to how your complexion looks and feels is the key when transitioning to a clean beauty routine. Switching to nontoxic beauty products won't necessarily lead to glowing skin immediately because each brand and formula will work differently from one person to the next. You should be patient to see how your skin reacts to this new experience. When you feed it certain nutrients and formulas, nontoxic products will do wonders for your health and let you know your skin all over again.

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Start small

You don’t have to throw away your beauty products and replace it all at once to start a clean beauty routine. You can start small, like shampoo washes, makeup remover, mouthwash or lip balm etc. Or you can start with the most toxic one by switching to safer products. Find a couple of brands you trust and work for you to enjoy your clean beauty routine.

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