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Cleansing Pads the Time Saver: One WIPE All GONE

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I have met lots of Korean in the workplace, believe it or not, all their skins are amazingly bright and flawless. I could not help to ask them the secret, the thing is:

Peeling pads.

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Their theory is simple: Peeling pads could 1. help to eliminate dead cells, as a 2nd cleansing step, it removes the residue left after using make-up remover. Then the skin could 2. better absorb skincare products we apply after cleansing step.


I have decided to try Nightingale Toning Peeling Pads from my messy desk. This is Honey Toing Pads (50pcs), the embossed side cleans skins and the smooth side takes care of moisturizing as toner.


Not only the face, it can be applied on wherever you want because it is so mild. Lazy person like me, I just love multifunctional products every day, it saves plenty of time!


I can’t believe my face is so dirty!

After the application, my skin won’t be as taut as normal after washing face. It turns smooth and clean right after applying the pad. The further absorption of other steps is much better. 

Let’s try out more things and share with you next time. Ciao!

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