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The change in season doesn’t just call for a different wardrobe. Everything from cooler, less humid weather and overly hot baths to hanging out too long in dry, stuffy indoor environments can also deprive your complexion of moisture and wreak havoc on your skin. Blackhead and acne will be formed easily. Having facial regularly is one of the ways to improve the situation, but it may be too expensive for some of you. And here we will give you some home remedies to get rid of blackhead which are very natural and can help you to save money!

Milk and Salt

Add 4-6 drops of milk on salt. During the time when salt are semi-dissolved, put it on the suffered areas and start to have massage. Remember to be gentle. Wash it with water after half minutes.

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Honey and Cleansing Cream

Mix some honey with your cleansing cream for washing your face every day.  The effect will be much better by drinking honey water together 2 times a day, in the morning and at night before sleep.

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Baby Oil

After washing your face, use baby oil to have massage on the nose. Keep it for half an hour and you see the great result of it. Remember to use toner after finish it.

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First, create a rice ball by cooked rice. Then, roll it on your face to make the dirt stick on the rice ball. Make sure you are doing it gently and do not hurt your skin.

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Tomato Lemon Mask

Crumble tomatoes and lemons into a bowl. Mix them with some flour and stir evenly. Put the mixture in a bottle and store it in fridge to create the tomato lemon mask. Use the mask once a week to get rid of blackhead and acne.

Pay attention on your skin condition before using the above home remedies. If you notice that you have skin reactions — like irritation, rashes, or allergies, please stop using it immediately.

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