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How To Achieve Youthful-looking Hands

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While we’re busy applying various anti-aging creams to our faces and running to the colourist to cover our grays, we often forget the body part that typically reveals our age first: our hands. Find out the tips here for making your hands look young.

Tip 1 – Use Body Scrub
Use body scrub once or twice a week to exfoliate your hands. It can give your hands a quick exfoliating treat and get rid of dead skin cells.

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Tip 2 – Apply Deeply-nourishing Cream
During weekend when you have more time, apply a deeply-nourishing cream on hands. After that, wrap your hands in a warm cloth. This can enhance absorption and make your hands look younger. Leave the warm cloth on hands for 5-10 minutes and then rinse off with water.

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Tip 3 – Moisture your nails
Not only skin, nails on hands also affect how people feel. Moisture your nails by rubbing a cream or oil on your cuticles. Besides, trim and file them once in two weeks to keep your nails look clean.

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Tip 4 – Apply Hand Cream
Girls always apply hand cream by just evenly distributed on hands. However, if you want your hands to absorb hand cream better, while applying hand cream, give your hands a relaxing massage from the fleshy base of your thumb, working upwards and repeating this step for each finger.

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Don’t be lazy and your hands will look great!

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