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Petroleum jelly is one of the most versatile products ever. It has been around for more than 150 years. The humble pot of Vaseline is an iconic drugstore staple that you can find in most of the households. It’s a multi-purpose product that does just about everything you would want a moisturizer to do. But did you know Vaseline jelly can also be used to perform a lot of DIY beauty tricks? Let’s find out more about this jelly.

Petroleum jelly can minimize the appearance of blackheads. All you need is a piece of clean plastic, Vaseline jelly, washcloth and tissue paper. Apply a generous coat of jelly on the affected area, then use the plastic wrap to seal the area. Then put a small hot, damp washcloth over the area for at least 5 minutes. Further on, take off the washcloth and the plastic wrap, and wrap a tissue around both your forefingers and press the skin that is filled with blackheads to remove them. In this way you can removed blackheads fast and effective without damaging your skin.

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The jelly also makes a great eye makeup remover. Dab a thin layer of jelly on a cotton swab and wipe off your eye makeup. To remove heavy eye makeup, take a small amount of jelly on your finger and massage the eye area until all the makeup comes off. Clean away with a tissue or cotton and wash your face.

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Petroleum jelly also help grow longer and full lashes. You can provide a little bit of strength to the lash base by rubbing jelly to the edge of eyelid. This allows the lashes hang on a little bit longer and continue to grow. Also, the jelly provides moisture to the hair, making the lashes healthier and preventing any premature breakage.

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Last but not least, rub the jelly on your pulse points before spraying your perfume, you can have your fragrance last a little longer. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

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