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Our skin is a mirror that reflects the health of our body. Acne on our face, in fact, is a siren, we should pay more attention on them.

Acne on the forehead corresponds to the liver

If you find large acne on your forehead, it shows that your liver has accumulated a lot of toxins. To expel toxin, you need to sleep at around 10pm to 12am for your liver to have time to take rest.

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Nasal acne corresponding to the stomach and lungs:

When your nose grows acne, it is not only because of strong oil secretion, but also represent there are some problems on your stomach and lung.  If your nose has slightly peeling situation, it indicates that your blood circulation is poor. Also, people who often have constipation and stomach gas are easy to have nasal acne. Patients should eat less irritating foods, including cold food and spicy foods, so as not to stimulate excessive gastric acid.

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Peripheral acne on the lips corresponding to the intestine:

Acne on lips represent constipation or intestinal heat. People who suffer from acne around the lips usually eat too much spicy or strong flavour food. By improving this, patients should change their eating habits, try to eat more fruits and vegetables to enhance bowel detoxification.

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Left cheek acne representing poor blood circulation:

Left cheek acne shows that your ability to detoxify decrease, there may be a problem with the liver or blood circulation. It is recommended to do more exercise to speed up blood circulation and pay attention to have enough rest. Besides, maintaining good mood and avoiding excessive pressure can help to improve the situation.

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Acne on the right cheek corresponding to the lungs:

If your throat is dry, have sputum and cough, your right cheek will be easy to have acne. Healthy help the smooth progress of metabolism. Try to eat more lily bulbs to moistening lung to arrest cough.

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Acne on the chin representing endocrine disorders:

This is common in women, mostly before menstruation formed, the end of menstruation will be eliminated. This is mainly due to the strong hormone excretion, caused by endocrine disorders. It is suggested to avoid cold food and drinks. And try to drink rose teas before the menstrual.

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