Be Free And Secure: Tips For Going Solo

Be Free And Secure: Tips For Going Solo

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In recent years, more and more people find it a pleasure to travel alone without any compromise and accommodation. At the end, they can finally get out of their daily life and truly enjoy the precious moment of freedom. However, it is still an unfamiliar environment. Therefore, even for girls or boys, always be extra careful during the time when travel alone.

Besides choosing the destination, what other aspects should you pay attention on? Check out here now!

Prepare a copy of the passport

In fact, this one is equally applicable to all travellers, but it is even more important for traveling alone.

Being robbed or losing uncarefully is not only appear in other people’s stories. If no one around can help and prove it, then the coming journey, even returning home, will become more troublesome. Therefore, we suggest you should at least prepare a copy of your passport with you, while the original copy should be kept in a reputable hotel.

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Abandon bad youth hostel

In order to save travel expenses, many people choose to stay in bad youth hostels when they travel, and share a room with others. This approach can also recognize the travellers from different countries. However, if you are just a beginner of solo travel and you have enough budget, economy hotels may be more suitable because there are independent, safe and tidy rooms with a safe security box. All guests’ entrance need registration. It will be a good security, especially for single girls.

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Arrived during the day

Unless someone may pick you up or you are particularly familiar with the destination, otherwise, it is better to choose the flight which will arrive the destination during the day time. This advice is more than just a matter of safety.

For example, if you arrive at night, no other public transport can be chosen and there is no pick-up service available, then calling taxi at the airport will be your only choice but the price will be more expensive than usual. Also, if you are dissatisfied with your hotel room, it is relatively easier to change or communicate problems during the day.

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Meet new people in public areas

During solo journey, meeting new people is one of the most anticipated things. However, for security reasons, when you meet new friends from Internet, ensure you choose a public area which is safe and easier to find someone to help if necessary.

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Prepare self-defence supplies

No one can predict when the danger will be approaching. Of course we cannot be over-cautious, but suitable self-defence should be done. Pepper spray, high-decibel alarm, and even a whistle will be your good choices, because their size is small and can be placed in the clothes.

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Get an overview of your itinerary and get your map and translation software ready

When people travel alone, they may not have the whole itinerary. It seems to be more flexible and more challenging. However, for a beginner, especially for those who have poor foreign language ability, it is better to do preparation before the trip. Inadvertently showing the lack of self-confidence and loss, will be captured by the bad guys, but also allows us to become more passive and need to be helped, the result put aside the alert.

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