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Sunday De-Stress Routine – Smonday Plan

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From the mood-boosting bubble bath to the Sunday face mask we swear by, we’ve put together the perfect regime to keep you calm, collected and clear-skinned for a busy week ahead…

It’s not Sunday that’s the problem – we love the lie-in, the brunch and the roast – but after all this comes Smonday, the time around mid-afternoon when it stops being the weekend and you start thinking about… we’ll whisper it, *Monday*.

Symptoms of a classic case of the Smondays include panicking about work, realizing you have nothing clean to wear tomorrow – and alarm-clock dread. This happens every Sunday, but it doesn’t have to. Follow our Smonday plan and you can kick that dread into touch.

5 pm – Get Stuff Done

Spend half an hour sorting thing out. Iron that dress, check you’ve got hole-free tights to wear with it, make a speedy packed lunch and get your bag together for tomorrow. Doing this has so many benefits: you’ll feel calmer knowing you’re organised for a new week, and it’ll buy you an extra 10 minutes’ snooze time in the morning.

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6 pm Stretch it out

Exercise too close to bedtime and you’ll wake up your body too much, so now is the perfect time to do a little light yoga and simple stretches to boost your mood.

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7 pm Home spa

If you had a big night last night, you’ve probably sorted it out mostly with a roast, but didn’t you forget something? Yep, your poor face. If Saturday’s excess is showing on your skin, make time for a sheet mask.

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8pm Tub time

Even if you’re a shower girl, there’s something very special and soothing about a long hot soak. Light a candle and invest in a luxe bath product for an Insta-worthy bath time.

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9 pm Put down your phone

For a restful night’s sleep, you should aim for at least 30 minutes’ screen-free time before bedding down. Double that to an hour on Sunday night – and stick to it. Put your devices in another room, which may mean you need to invest in a clock if you usually use your phone alarm to wake you up.

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