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Christmas is the time of the year when you attend or host parties left and right. It does not mean that people with heart problems cannot enjoy what the season offers. While the holidays are not an excuse to forget about your health issue, there are things you can do to enjoy the celebrations. Practice these helpful tips to keep your heart healthy while enjoying the yuletide season.

Practice Mindful Eating

It is easy to get distracted during Christmas parties. The cheers and conversations with relatives or friends you haven’t seen in a while can easily persuade you to try and eat unhealthy food. While it is the season to have fun, it is best to continue watching over what you consume. Being lax over what you eat can easily send your cholesterol and blood pressure into unhealthy levels.

Experiment Heart Healthy Recipes

If you are hosting a Christmas party, it is recommended to use ingredients that won’t increase your visitors’ cholesterol levels. For example, it is best to use low-sodium salt alternatives when cooking ham or chicken. It would also be best to serve fiber-rich fruits like pineapple and papaya instead of the usual chocolate and other sugary desserts.

Control Your Stress

The expectations associated with the holidays can easily cause stress. Giving out the best gift and attending every party you are invited to are some of the common holiday stressors. Being stressed can easily make you overeat and consume more unhealthy food like junk foods. In order to avoid stress eating, experts recommend meditation, exercises and deep breathing.

Be Active

The Christmas season is not an excuse to lead a sedentary lifestyle. It is recommended that you continue to exercise regularly about 30 minutes, three times a week during this busy season. A good exercise is essential to lowering the risk of heart disease.

Keep a Regular Sleep Schedule

It is easy to go over your bedtime during the holidays. However, it is the season when you should be getting the right number of sleeping hours. Given the demand that comes with the festivities, a simple lack of sleep can cause you to overeat and exercise less. It is recommended that you get 8 hours of sleep every night.

Being mindful of what you eat during the holidays helps in preventing any heart problems amid the festivities. It is best to monitor your cholesterol level by visiting your doctor before and after the holiday season.

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