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Buying a pair of gorgeous new shoes can make your day, but wearing one can sometimes ruin your day. We’ve all suffered from foot blister from new shoes, but in fact, breaking in new shoes doesn’t always have to be a painful process. Check out the tips to have a new shoes debut with minimal pain.

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Blisters on feet can be caused by the rubbing between shoes and ankle, to prevent that, the first is choosing shoes in the right size. If you’re normally a seven, don’t worry about buying a pair in size eight if that’s what fits. Likewise, don’t try to convince yourself a size eight fits just because the shoes that you love is out of size seven at the store. Always make sure the shoes fit.

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Foot sweat increases the chance of your feet rubbing against your shoes, so you can try to swipe antiperspirant all over your feet to reduce sweating. For a better result, you can even put antiperspirant on your new shoes to prevent blisters.

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If your new shoes are causing blisters, don’t turn to bandages that you usually use, try to use blister cushions instead as blister treatment. Because it absorbs moisture from the wound to form a gel, this will ward off blisters for a long period of time, making your feet feel good.

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Wear your new shoes around the house and on short outings several times before taking them on a long trek. By doing this, not only you can break your shoes in short spurts, you can also locate the spots where your shoes are rubbing against your feet and lubricate the skin of that particular area to reduce friction or add padding.

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Lastly, don’t forget to carry some bandages in your purse during your shoes’ first few outings; it never hurts to do so.

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