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Skin care is a lifelong career of every girl. But you may find even you put a lot of efforts on keeping your skin; there are still many different skin problems, such as acne or even wrinkles. In addition to external skin care, internal health condition can affect your skin too. And eating habits is one of the key factors which can influence your health. In order to have a flawless skin, you should pay attention on your diet and avoid the 4 main bad food below:


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People who always drink have obvious wrinkles between their brows. Eyelid sag and lack lustre in their eyes. For skin, not only pore rough, it looks dry. Cheeks are always red and reticulate wrinkles appear. And the law grain will be significantly deepened.

Dairy products

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Although dairy products are good for body, but not everyone is suitable for eating dairy products. Some people do not absorb dairy products well, even less than a cheese, enough to cause eyelid swelling, eyes bags, dark circles etc., and the appearance becomes bleak. In addition to the eyes, inappropriate intake of dairy products will cause white small acne on face.

Gluten  0904 pic_3

People who intake excessive gluten such as wheat, barley, bread, biscuits, beer, etc. their cheeks will become red and may appear stains. Also, some small acne may exist around the chin.


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Excessive sugar will deepen your forehead and eye wrinkles. Besides, eyelid droop and acne-like small pustules appear on face. In addition, cheeks will be concave and become gray or dull. People absorb too much sugar will look very haggard.

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