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Expert tips and product picks for dealing with overactive, oily skin and spots…

Causes of Oily Face

There’s nothing you’re doing wrong that causes oily skin because it’s all down to genetics. However, there are certain reasons your skin produces more oil at certain times, such as during your menstrual cycle or when you’re physically or emotionally stressed – or you may simply be using products that don’t suit your skin type.

Cleansers for oily skin

Don’t be tempted to scrub your skin into submission: over-cleansing can cause dryness, which stimulates the sebum flow and causes skin to become even oilier. Surprisingly, oil-based cleansers are good for oily skin face wash: they attract the excess oil on your face like a magnet and remove it. But if you can’t face using anything oily on your skin, try micellar water, which removes dirt and makeup without leaving the skin stripped of moisture.


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Exfoliators and facemasks for oily skin

Using a gentle exfoliator two to three times a week will help keep oiliness and blemishes to a minimum. A deep-cleansing facemask once a week will also help with the condition. Choose one containing tea tree, which will help fight spot-causing bacteria. When the weather is warmer, your skin produces more sebum, so pop your facemask in the fridge for a cold, soothing effect.

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Moisturizers for oily skin

It’s a common misconception that you shouldn’t use a moisturizer on oily skin, but it’s really important not to miss this step out. Skin can become dry after cleansing and if it’s not rehydrated, it will produce more sebum to compensate. Apply morning and evening to regulate your oil production and to keep skin supple. Moisturizer also acts as a barrier, protecting the skin from free radicals and toxins. The secret is to choose a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type, such as a light, mattifying formula. A thick moisturizer will be too heavy for oily skin, further clogging pores.

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Makeup for oily skin

When choosing primers, moisturizers and makeup, opt for a mattifying formula to prevent shine. Start with the primer, which will keep your makeup firmly in place. Aim for light, oil-free makeup, which not only conceals any blemishes, but treats them, too, then finish with a light dusting of powder. Don’t layer powder on too heavily as it can clog hair follicles. Carry mattifying shine control papers in your bag and use them throughout the day to get rid of excess oil. Alternatively, if you find your makeup slips out of place during the day, use a damp foundation sponge to smooth it back into place.

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