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Silisponge vs. Beauty Blender Which is better

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Beauty blender was one of the hit beauty products in 2016 which give us smooth, airbrushed looks. But the silicone blender is set to take over from the beauty blender. It’s made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) – which is a type of plastic that resists oil and grease. This means that it can blend your foundation without it soaking up any of your product. Both of them have their pros and cons and here we compare for you to help you choose the right one for your makeup.

Finishing: Beauty Blender Wins

The Beauty Blender egg shape allows you to apply makeup to all areas of the face, even the most difficult ones such as the folds of the nose or the concave shape of the chin. However, the Silisponge, although it can also be applied throughout the face, is a little more difficult when accessing the smaller and more difficult places of the face, as it does not have that shape of the tip of the Beauty Blender designed for sensitive areas And with difficult forms that require more delicacy.

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Product savings: Silisponge Wins

One of the biggest advantages of Silisponge is that it does not absorb product when applied due to its material, so it saves on product in the medium and long term. Beauty Blender, however, absorbs product, discarding it with each application of makeup. There is a trick to not absorb so many products, which are to moisten it, but still absorb something and the process of dampening it can make you lose a few valuable seconds of your time. So it gives a point for the Silisponge.

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Versatility: Depends on What You Use

Beauty Blender makeup sponge can be used to apply almost all) make-up products: foundation, shadows, blush, contour, illuminator and powders. However, the Silisponge is suitable for all creamy and oily makeup products, but the powder products do not get to blur them properly, so in this case, we give a point for Beauty Blender.

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However, the Silisponge allows applying any creamy and oily base product, so it can also be used for beauty treatments, such as serums, masks or natural oils, allowing a neat application free of bacteria that can dirty your skin. This is unthinkable for Beauty Blender, because most of these products would eventually ruin it and somehow there may be microscopic remains inside it, even though we wash it. In this case, point for the Silisponge.

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So at this point, judge yourself, depending on the use you want to give and the type of makeup products you have.

Cleaning: Silisponge Wins

It is clear that although the Beauty Blender allows washing with soap and is a clean sponge, the Silisponge is so far the most neat makeup sponge on the market. The fact that it is made of silicone and that its surface is smooth, allows a total cleaning after each use, making sure that there is no remaining product in the sponge. Point for Silisponge.

Durability: Silisponge Wins

It has not taken so long in the market to see for ourselves that Silisponge truly is more durable than Beauty Blender, but common sense tells us that a silicone sponge will always last longer than Beauty Blender. It is clear that being made of a non-absorbent material such as silicone, it allows a greater durability than a porous sponge. Of course, we imagine that a pin prick could seriously damage the Silisponge, while the damage in Beauty Blender would be minimal, but it is an extreme case that you need to judge for yourself.

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Therefore, by comparing both sponges, the accounts tell us that the Silisponge Wins! However, we are still dubious about the importance of a sponge that allows a good application in small and concave areas of the face, such as the nose or chin, something that allows the Beauty Blender. We think that if you really are an addicted beauty, maybe it is not a bad idea to have both sponges and learn to use them depending on the advantages that both can offer.

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