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To get a healthy smile, you need to brush your teeth every day and night. We know you’re doing it already, but are you doing it right? Chances are the way you brush your teeth is actually damaging the teeth. Time to break the bad habits for better teeth.

Most dentists recommend brushing teeth for three minutes, but only a few people ever make it to that. When you’re rushing to get to work or ready to collapse into bed, you’re probably only brushing for a minute or so. So next time when you brush your teeth, bring an egg timer into the bathroom and set it for three minutes before you get started, or just simply use an electric toothbrush with a three-minute timer.

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Look in the mirror while you brush your teeth and keep an eye on where the brush is actually going. It’s easy to miss the area right at the gum line, where plaque, tartar and bacteria can build up and causing gums inflammation and inflection in the end.

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Your brushing technique plays a major role in teeth health. Tooth enamel is made of tightly packed, glass-like rods that extend out toward the surface of the tooth. So when you brush side-to-side, the brittle rods can crack and weakening your teeth. The correct way to brush is to hold the brush so that the bristles are at a 45-degree angle to the surface of the teeth, then brush in small circles. Be patient and focus on a few teeth at once, then move on to the next set. Don’t forget to brush along the gum line to clear off loosened plaque and bacteria. Remember not to brush too hard, as it can cause tooth enamel breakage. What’s more, aggressive brushing can also be traumatic for sensitive gums, causing irritation and recession. So brush gently and thoroughly.

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