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Best Cotton Pads For Perfect Skin Care Routine

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Choose of skincare products is one of the keys to have perfect skin. However, we cannot overlook the importance of cotton pad. Use of suitable cotton pad can help your skin to absorb skincare products, like serum and moisturizer. Do you know how to choose cotton pad? Here are some tips for you.

How to Pick Cotton Pad?

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Many people only know that cotton pad can be used on makeup removal, toner application etc. However, based on different materials and design, together with proper way to use, your skin care can be more effective!

Cotton wool:

Cotton wool is suitable for applying toner because of its thick texture. However, because of its low water absorption, you need to use more quantity of products. Also, if the cotton is not high quality enough, it is easy to descale. Cotton pads which are made of cotton wool can also be subdivided into 100% cotton, which is recommended for those who have sensitive skin.


Most non-woven cotton pads are made of man-made fibres. Its texture is thinner than cotton wool. But, non-woven cotton pads have strong suction power. Some of them will even add embossed on it. The surface of non-woven cotton pads is rough which is suitable to apply toner with exfoliating features.

Mixed materials:

Cotton pads also provide luxury choices. Many brands launched cotton pads containing natural silk, spun silk etc. Compared with pure cotton, is not easy to fall off. And it is much softer than non-woven one. However, the price is slightly more expensive.

How to Use Cotton Pad Properly?

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Control the Use of Toner

Use cotton pad for applying toner can better the quantity of products we use on face. Make use of your index finger and ring finger to hold the cotton pad on the middle finger. This action is most convenient to control the direction and pressure when applying the toner on face.

2nd Cleansing

When we apply toner with cotton pad, remember to wipe in hope of removing the old horny on face. It is recommended to move from the centre of the face, to the bottom slowly and gently. This action can remove the dirt accumulated in the pores.

Emergency Mask

When the skin is particularly dry, sensitive or peeling, the cotton pad can be used as the fastest emergency mask or eye mask.  Dipping cotton pads in moisturizer or toner, and then apply the cotton pad on for 5-10 minutes. After it, use the cotton pad to wipe your face and neck. And finally continue the other skincare steps.

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