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The ancient Greeks claimed there was a Golden Ratio for all things when they approached perfection. The ratio has been held for thousands of years to represent the paradigm of beauty. In the past, scientists have applied it to the ideal layout of facial features but nowadays, it is used to gauge perfection in women’s figures.

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The formula to calculate a physically perfect body is easy. First you need to measure the circumference of your upper body at the point at which your bust is most prominent (B), your waist at its narrowest (W) and your hips at the widest (H). Do it in cm or inches. Then measure from your bust line down to your waist (label this distance BW) and measure from your Waist to your Hip line (HW).

(B – W) x BW x 0.5 = Bust figure

(H – W) x HW x 0.5 = Hip Figure

And then calculate:

Bust figure + Hip Figure / Hip Figure = Your Golden Ratio.


Losing weight and burning calories are the first thing that come to a lot of ladies mind, when it comes to a sexier looking body. A lot of ladies to choose live their lived on the treadmill, but in reality, cardio does nothing to help shape and tone your body, though the legs will get skinner but running won’t give you a more defined body. After all, being skinny isn’t what a physically perfect body should look like.

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To reach the golden ratio, beauty seekers have to start lifting weights, we’re not kidding. When cardio cannot give you shape, lifting weight can build your muscle, which is essential for shaping your body. You don’t need to worry about becoming too bulky, in fact female body don’t have the ability to build the same amount of muscle as men unless you take drugs like steroids.

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So if you want to build a sexy body, the bottom line is start lifting weights in a smart fashion, try to go beyond those silly 2.5 pound pink dumbbells. 

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