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Foods To Avoid If You Want To Stay Fit

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Tried many ways to have diet plans but still failed? Besides doing exercises and controlling diet, metabolism is also the key to weight loss! In order to have enough energy burn calories of food, it is important to reduce calories intake and increase metabolic rate at the same time. The American dietitian Haylie Pomroy pointed out that if you want to make your body metabolism faster, we must give up the food below!


Wheat itself contains gluten, so it will be harder to digest and your body will be difficult to absorb the nutrients. Wheat will also lead to inflammation and bloating. It will also cause accumulation of body water, resulting in edema and slowing down your metabolic rate.

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Although corn is rich in fibre, it is also one of the major enemies of metabolism, and will reduce the utilization rate of calories and affect the function of the pancreas. Most of the corn today has been genetically modified, however, it becomes a sugar storage promoting the formation of white fat which is not conducive to metabolism.

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Cheese is the same as many other dairy products, including sugar, fat and protein. People may feel tired after eating and it is not good for the repair process of metabolism. Also, dairy products will stimulate the sexual hormones, metabolism becomes slower and effectiveness of weight loss!

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Soy Food

Soy contains vegetable estrogen which is similar to the estrogen produced by our body. It is the reasons for the slow metabolism. At the same time, soy is one of the culprits to increase abdominal fat. Thus, avoid eating soy if you want to lose weight.

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Although coffee with caffeine can help reduce appetite which can burn fat and is beneficial to weight loss. However, the effect is not long-lasting. Once you have returned to normal diet, body weight will increase or even more than the original weight!

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Alcohol not only increase the burden on the liver, as it contains a lot of sugar in it, it will transfer to sugar quickly in our blood. Also, after drinking, detoxification will be carried out in our liver. Therefore, our liver cannot break down and consume the heat and nutrients at the same time. As a result, it slows down the process of metabolism, and reduce our ability to burn fat which will affect the weight loss in result.

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Dried Fruits and Juices

Dried fruits such as raisins, dried cranberries, dried apricots etc are too high in sugar content and the fibres are easy to be broken down. As a result, the sugar is easy to be transmitted to the blood, leading the blood sugar level to increase drastically. And then, excessive sugar will be stored in the fat cells, and slower down out body’s metabolism.

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