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Should I Floss Before Or After Brushing?

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If you’re looking for a simple way to perfect your pearly whites, then why not add dental floss to your daily dental regime?  It’s a quick and easy way to remove bacteria and will leave your mouth feeling fabulously fresh and clean.

Wait…Why Should We Floss?

No matter how thoroughly we brush our teeth, it can be difficult to remove the plaque and food debris that gets lodged under the gum line between the teeth. That’s where dental floss comes in. Not only does it leave your teeth feeling squeaky clean, but it prevents plaque build-up, reduces the risk of gum disease and polishes tooth surfaces.

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Types of Dental Floss

If you thought, there was only one type of dental floss out there – think again! There are numerous types of floss available including traditional dental tape, flossers and toothpicks. Waxed tape is generally more resistant to breaking than unwaxed floss, while flossers and toothpicks are more likely to tackle those hard-to-reach areas.

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When Is the Best Time To Floss – Before Or After Brushing?

In a nutshell, as long as you floss once a day, it doesn’t matter too much when you do it.

Flossing before you brush may be beneficial as it helps us to remember to do it, though many people prefer to floss after brushing once the plaque has been loosened by the toothbrush. Flossing at night rather than first thing in the morning can be more effective too, as it removes plaque build-up from the day and gives you a super fresh feeling before bed.

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What Other Products Should I Use?

For minty fresh breath and a winning smile, make sure your bathroom cabinet is fully-stocked with all the essentials. You’ll need a clean toothbrush (manual or electric) that’s changed every 3 months, plus toothpaste that best suits your needs. For a sparkling finish, rinse your mouth with a swig of mouthwash to remove any excess plaque. Always on the go? Don’t forget to pack dental chewing gum for post-food freshness.

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