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You can get moving again for COVID recovery. It is normal to feel sluggish, and your muscles may be weaker than before. Exercise plays an essential role in recovery. Here are some rules that you need to pay attention to.

Why is working out again important?

Although sleeping and rest help your immune system fight the virus, starting exercising again is essential to avoid further weakening of your body after the key symptoms have disappeared. In the beginning, you may feel short of breath and sluggish due to the cardiorespiratory system can’t deliver oxygen to the working muscles efficiently. Working out increases the capacity of muscles, heart, and lungs for a speedy recovery.


Rules to exercise for COVID recovery

Exercises for COVID recovery

  • Walking
  • Bodyweight exercise
  • Yoga

You should start slow and gradually up the intensity. Get started with light and moderate-intensity exercises like walking, bodyweight exercise, and yoga first. Everyone’s recovery is different. Don’t push yourself when you are still feeling fatigued.

Daily walking is a good starting point to get moving again. Practicing yoga and meditation can help improve lung health, reduce viral susceptibility, and speed the recovery. And bodyweight exercise can help reactivate muscles.


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