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Things You Should Always Have in Your Gym Bag

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New Year. New me. OK, steady on now. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves…

One thing we’re slowly but surely preparing to get on board with is that mystical land of confusing machines and angry men in unnecessarily tight shorts. We’re sure we overheard someone calling it a gym-nay-see-um once? Well, anyway, that’s where we’re headed to.

And before starting any new challenge in life, we want to be as prepared as we possibly can be. Which is why we’ve got our ‘active wear’ at the ready and our flash new neon gym bag waiting to be filled with ‘essentials’. Yeah, we didn’t know this was a thing either, but now we’re born-again gym bunnies, we’ve been made aware that certain things should be kept in your gym bag AT ALL TIMES. And if it all gets too much, use it as an everyday handbag and it’ll look like you’ve either been to the gym or you’re just on your way there…

First to go into our gym bag is a portable compact razor, for the times you get to the gym and realise you’ve packed your shorter leggings and your leg stubble is two weeks deep.

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It is perfect for cleansing your skin pre- and post-workout. Cleansing wipes are made with triple-purified water and clever cleansing bubbles, allowing you to remove sweat and makeup gently.

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Gym class at 5 but date night at 7? This on-the-go dry shampoo is the answer. A quick spray will revitalise your hair and remove excess grease, as well as adding body and texture. He won’t have a clue about the sweaty mess you were only hours earlier.

Although we want to smell like roses after the gym, it’s not clever to carry around a favourite perfume in a glass bottle. A practical body mist is the perfect alternative, and this one smells delish.

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A combination of sweat, heat and sit-ups is never gonna go down particularly well with our hair, which can end up a matted mess. NICE. Be prepared by keeping this nifty detangler in your gym bag.

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