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Chilly and dry winters nights are always a stressful enemy to our health, especially our delicate throats. Making them itch and cough.

Luckily, there are multiple simple tricks that you can do easily at home to prevent and stop the annoying coughing, giving you a good night sleep.


Drink hot water

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Probably the easiest of them all, hot water warms, soothes and opens up your throat, making it less sensitive. By drinking hot water, we don’t mean a sip of it; we meant a whole glass. Drink it slowly, but regularly, you should be able to feel the warmth go down your throat.


Lemon Honey Water

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An upgrade version of just hot water, add honey and two slices of lemon to it. Honey helps to soothe your throat, and would stop the coughing while the lemon recharges your Vitamin C level and shields you from the harsh winter weather. You can also try to eat a teaspoon of plain honey if you feel that throat pain is coming.


Throat lozenges

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If coughing really hurt your throat, eat a few throat lozenges. Not does it only stops the coughing, it is also extremely soothing to your throat, relieving the painfulness and soreness.


Change your sleeping position

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Coughing at night might be due to bad sleeping positions. Try to not lean your head too far back. Leaning your head too far back will block your nose, making it harder for air to go through, and thus will affect the throat, making it more sensitive, causing coughing to happen.


Air humidifier

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If nothing works, try an air humidifier. Humidifying the air soothes your nose and throat, which stops coughing and nose block. Breathe in and out slowly; taking deep breaths will also soothe your throat. Increasing the humidity of air is also good for your skin.

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