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DIY Lip Scrub: A Natural Beauty Treatment

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As the winter months approach, it’s not only our skin that needs some additional care – our lips too will benefit from some extra attention. Lip scrubs or exfoliators can help create a smooth smile, and the best part is that they are affordable, and you can even make them at home.


Advantages of using lip scrub

When our lips get dry, they start looking flaky and unhealthy. This is because we lose more moisture through our lips than any other body part. Using a lip scrub is one of the ways you can combat this. Exfoliating lips regularly means that you will take dead skin off, giving way to fresh layers. This will not only make your lips look smooth and healthy, but also ensure that your lip liner and lipstick last longer.

Way to Use Lip Scrubs

It’s best to use a lip scrub two to three times per week, depending on the condition of your lips. Simply apply the scrub either with your finger or a cotton bud, rub your lips and take off with a cotton pad or tissue. Follow up with a moisturizer or lip balm. You can use lip scrubs either in the evening or in the morning.

Homemade Lip Scrub Recipes

There are many lips scrub recipes out there and you can even make your own variation by adding flavours or even spices that you like most. Remember, the key to lip scrubs is to have an exfoliator and nourishment within the ingredients.

Sugar Lip Scrub


ð20g of sugar
ð2ml of petroleum jelly or Vaseline
Mix the two together for an easy lip scrub.

Sugar will help to scrub the dead skin away while petroleum jelly will help to lock in the moisture.

Coconut Oil Lip Scrub


ð20mg of organic coconut oil
ð20mg of brown sugar
ð5mg of coarse sea salt
ðA drop of your favourite essential oil

This is a perfect for some extra nourishment. Mix the ingredients and keep in a jar. Apply to the lips with cotton bud.

Mint Lip Scrub


ð20g of brown sugar
ð20ml of olive oil
ð2-3 drops of peppermint oil

This is the best recipe if you are keen on plumper lips. While sugar exfoliates and olive oil nourishes, peppermint oil will work its magic to volumise your lips. Mix all of the ingredients and keep in a small jar.

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