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Do you ever wonder why celebrities and models, even after a sickling long flight, seem like they’ve just been out of an expensive beauty treatment looking as fresh-faced as ever?

Well, it’s no big and difficult secret and we’ve nailed down some of our simple tips for you to follow!

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Maybe after these simple tips, you would become the next Miranda Kerr.

We all like a little imagination, isn’t it?

  1. Lots of it.

Everybody would be more than familiar with how dry it is up there.

So, pack on your serums and creams to nourish your face along the way.

Your skin needs to drink water too.

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  1. Drink water

It is not enough nourishment with just the help of face creams; we need to get some good old H2O into our body during the flight.

Water is so important during long haul flights; it keeps your body and skin hydrated and happy.

So, drink up, people.

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  1. Eye masks

Eye masks are a less intimidating version of a facemask, basically.

Some people find facemask too annoying to put on during flights. Not only is it wet and sticky, the appearance is not too beautiful either.

Eye masks are less scary, plus you can give your eyes good nourishment too.

Just use the left-over serum and smear it all over your face.

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  1. Always carry a bold lipstick, and a lip balm.

Use the lip balm during the flight to nourish your lips. They get extra dry during flights. Plus, your lips deserve some love too.

Before you get off your flight, apply your bold lipstick for extra attention.

People wouldn’t even know you just took a long-haul flight!

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  1. Trusty old concealer

To look like you put in extra effort, before you get off, quickly dab on some concealer to cover up blemishes, acne scars and dark circles.

Long haul flights make them more visible than normal, so after all the eye masks and face creams, dab on some good old concealer to seal in the effort!

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