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Whether your arches are thick, sparse, light, dark, or anything in between, our brows are possibly the most important part of our face and yet they are also the most challenging feature to get right. Here we have lay down the basics about the most common brow tools so that you know exactly how and when to use them.



You can use all kinds of products to colour your brows but few offer the hair-like precision of a soft waxy pencil. Pencils are the most essential brow product to have. Whether you want to define your brows, increase or decrease the intensity, pencil is the perfect tool for it. All you need to do is apply pencil correctly. Be patient and take the time to layer the strokes if you’d like to increase the saturation. After you’ve applied the colour, use the brush on the other end of the pencil to comb through the brows. Keep the stroke light to mimic your own brow hairs.

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Powder is the best to fill in sparse or light brows as it creates a shadow underneath the hair of the brows, which makes them appear more dense and fuller. When you’re using powder, make sure you have got the right colour and right brush. Simply sweep on a bit of powder over your arches, layering and refining with the brush until you reach your desired shape and colour. Powder is especially good for those who are new to makeup, because it easier to control the amount to apply and even if you make a mistake, just wipe it away.

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Gel is like hair spray for eyebrows, it helps tame think brow into place and create a cleaned and groomed look. When applying gel, simply combing the hairs into shape of your choice. For a natural look, you can slightly brush the fronts of the brows up.

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