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Roller Setting – The Healthiest Way To Style Your Hair

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Natural hairstyle is getting more popular these days as it’s versatile and practically an open canvas for any style you hope to achieve. For those who love variety, they can have it all with the right rollers for hair. In fact using hair rollers is also the healthiest way to give your hair volume minus the heat. Just follow the steps here and you will have your perfect curls hairstyles in no time.

Step 1

Wash your hair thoroughly, work the conditioner through your hair then dry your hair thoroughly. Always use rollers on dry hair, as roller setting wet hair can produce unpredictable results.

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Step 2

Comb out your hair and remove tangles with a tail comb. Divide your hair into top, middle and base sections. Twist the hair in each section and fasten it with a metal clip.

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Step 3

Grab a piece of hair, pull a roller to the ends, wrap the hair around the roller and roll it to the skull. Remember the more hair you grab, the less it will curl in the roller. When the roller meets the head, secure the hair roll with bobby pins and apply hairspray to make sure the rolls keep their shape.

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Step 4

Repeat step 3 until the entire head of hair has been rolled up. Allow it to set for two hours.

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Step 5

Remove the hair rolls, comb through your hair with a brush or fingers. You may even add a few drops of your favorite oil to smooth any stray hair. A naturally bouncy look is then created.

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