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Wearing Makeup Might Actually Be Good For Your Skin

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Even if many people say that 25-year-old is female’s watershed, skin conditions will suffer a drastic decline. But to be honest, if there is no big stimulus, 25 + skin is still fine. However, when you enter 30-year-old, your skin will have great changes!

According to US famous beauty scientist Renée Rouleau, growth hormone began to slow down from 30-year-old. Skin will not repair themselves like what it did during 20+. It is easy to have acne, dark spots, fine lines and other troublesome skin problems. Also, water retention capacity of the skin will decrease, skin will become dry, rough and lack of flexibility. No worries! Follow the skin care habits below and you can keep your skin like you are just 20.

Good habits # 1: Use Different Skincare Products for Day And Night

Many women use the same products for day and night. It seems not a big problem. However, for the women over 30, as the need of skin changed, you should separate the skin care products used in the morning and at the night.

During the day, our skin has been exposed to ultraviolet and environmental stress, all these will speed up our aging rate.  While in the evening, our skin will automatically enter the repair mode, repairing the damages suffered in the day. Therefore, for day time, we should use products with protection, anti-oxidation and anti-pollution effect. At night, we should switch to moisturizing skin care products for repairing, preferably with retinoids, peptides and other ingredients, because they can help reduce the dull, fine lines, wrinkles, etc.

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Good habit # 2: Appropriate Make-up

Many girls avoid makeup because they think that makeup will block the skin. However, appropriate make-up can act as a protection to the skin. UV is the primary reason leading premature aging because most of the people do not actually apply enough sunscreen to get comprehensive protection. Beside sunscreen, it is suggested to apply makeup products with SPF as the second layer to protect the skin from the UV ray.

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Good habit # 3: Add Eye Cream as Part of Your Daily Life

Although eyes are the soul of the window, many people ignore the importance of eye cream. As there are no fat glands around your eyes, fine lines are easy to appear. Therefore, applying eye cream is a necessary skin care step. Eye cream can only applies to the eye socket ﹑ eye brow ﹑ the area below your eyes. If the product is applied too close to the eyelash position, eye cream may enter your eyes, causing irritation and swelling.

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