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To scrub or not to scrub? Top tips on scrubbing!

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You have put a lot of effort on skin care, yet, you still find your skin is not soft and glowing enough? You are not alone! Scrubbing your skin from time to time is very important since it would help you to remove dry and dead skin. Even you know the advantage of sloughing your skin, yet, it would cause Irritation or breakout if you do it wrongly! Why not learn some top tips of scrubbing your skin?

1. Learn your skin type

There are many options for scrubbing your skin, yet, you have to choose the one that is good for your skin type. For example, there are exfoliating cloth, scrubbing tools that can help you to remove dead cells from your face and body. Who should use it? They are good for oily or acne prone skin type as it can make sure your skin is clean! If you own dry skin or sensitive skin, you should consider clay, sugar or sea salt scrubs that would pamper and sooth your skin!

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2. Observe your skin

When it comes to scrub, you might think you should exfoliate your skin as much as possible. However, scrubbing your skin too often would cause your skin dry, red and irritated skin. Besides, if your skin is too dry, it would produce more oil and cause acne. So, you should observe your skin and find out the optimal frequency to scrub your skin. Normally, you should scrub you skin no more than once a week!

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3. Know the scrubs ingredients

Just like other skin care products, they are formulated by various ingredients. Do you know what do the best for? If you are looking for scrub for your face, choosing fruit acid, extracts, seaweed and clays will be a right choice as it can effectively remove your dead skin cell and make your skin glowing! How about exfoliate for your body? Ground nut seeds will be effective to remove your dry skin cell, yet, it also would cause you some tears for your skin.

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