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It is time to put on your tanks and swimsuits, do you want to show off your toned arms? Wait, you may say you don’t have gym membership or you don’t have any equipment for weight training. If you can utilize your body weight, you can still perform arm exercises without any equipment to keep your arms firm and strong. Keep reading down to find out your 4 equipment-free arm exercises you can do at home now!

1. Plank

When it comes to plank, it is always associated with core muscle. Yet, it would also strengthen your upper body muscle when you are putting on the weight of your body.


1. Put your palms on the floor (better with a yoga mat, your hands should be as wide as your shoulder. Your shoulder should be staked above your wrist.

2. Extend your legs behind you. Your feet-width should be equal to your hip.

3. Tuck your tailbone and engage your core, butt, and quads.

4. Hold the pose for 30 – 45 seconds.

Plank exercise

2. Plank taps

Plank taps is a variation of former plank, it requires your core muscle and shoulder to hold your body weight for a longer time; hence, it can strengthen your shoulder muscle and enhance your shoulder stability.


1. Start with a high plank pose.

2. Hold your pose correctly, tap your left hand to your right shoulder.

3. After placing your left hand on the floor, start to place your right hand on to your left shoulder.

4. Repeat the pattern for 30-45 seconds

Option: If you find it is too difficult, you may separate your legs a bit more.

Smiling Female Watching Exercises on Laptop and Training at Home

3. Push up

Not only does push up strengthen your upper body, but it also enhances your triceps muscle.


1. You can keep your former plank pose.

2. Then, bend your elbows and lower your chest to the floor.

3. Push through the palms to straighten your arms. This is a rep.

4. Repeat the pattern for 30-45 seconds

Option: You may drop to your knees if you find it is difficult to hold the plank pose.


smiling young woman doing push-ups at home

4. Bodyweight triceps dip

The triceps dip is a good way to end a round of your arms exercise. You can enhance your triceps, back muscle and arms muscle by simply doing regular dip exercises.


1. Sit on the floor and bent your knees. Your feet should be set in front of you and rest on your heels. Place your arms behind your body while your fingers should face to your feet.

2. Lift up your body by straightening your arms. Then, bend your elbows and lower your body close to the floor. This is a rep.

Option: Use a chair for triceps dip

Young women exercising together outdoor in the city


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