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Know The Use Of Different Tea

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Chinese tea is differentiated by the type of leaves used to make the tea. Most of the Chinese teas contain lower caffeine content than other caffeinated beverages. Chinese tea also has health benefits, such as reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, and it contains antioxidants, which helps to boost the immune system.

Green tea

Chinese green tea is made from new shoots of tea plant. This particular type of tea is made from a process that uses less oxidation than other types of tea leaves. The most famous green tea is West Lake Dragon Well Tea, which is produced in Hangzhou.

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Yellow tea

Yellow tea is also used to describe the high-quality tea that was served to the emperors, as yellow was the traditional imperial color. While the oxidation process is similar to green tea, there’s an added step that involves letting the leaves be steamed under a damp cloth. Junshan Yinzhen is produced in China’s Hunan Province and is the country’s most popular yellow tea.

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White tea

Indigenous to Fujan Province, white tea is lighter in color than other types of tea with a subtle, delicate flavor. Popular brands of white tea are White Peony and Silver Needle.

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Oolong tea

Oolong tea is one of the most popular types of tea in China. The tea leaves are easy to identify as they have a curled or twisted look due to long sun exposure. Made from a blend of green and red teas, oolong tea boasts the best flavors and aromatic qualities of both. Wenshan Baozhong Tea and Dongding Oolong Tea are the most popular types of oolong tea.

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Dark tea

Dark tea is a kind of post-fermented tea, which undergoes an actual fermentation process aided by bacteria. The most common dark tea brands are Anhua Dark Tea, Hubei Laoqing tea, Sichuan Laobian Tea and Guangxi Liubao Tea. Pu’er tea is actually a dark tea as well, but it has its own distinctive feature, some people even considered pu-er tea as a category on its own.

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