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Tips For A Picture-perfect Honeymoon

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In an age of high-performance phones and cameras, it’s easy for anyone to take professional-looking photos. This is great news for honeymooning newlyweds hoping for a photo record of cherished memories. Here are five tips to help make your honeymoon trip the envy of all your friends.


1) Mix and match your outfits

You’re starting out your lives together, so plan outfits that complement each other. You don’t have to go fancy and formal – it’s your honeymoon, not a wedding. If you’re not a fan of ‘couple outfits’, you can still match colours or patterns. Let every photo makes it clear you were meant to be together!

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2) Pose naturally

When you’re taking pictures together, make your poses natural and lively. Consider incorporating fun themes or stories like pillow fights, dancing, or even bathing together. Avoid any pose that feels too uptight or serious – honeymoons are joyful occasions!

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3) Embrace nature

Taking photos at popular tourist sites means photo backgrounds filled with strangers. Go off the beaten path and use nature as your backdrop instead. A beautiful natural landscape will infuse your photos with a lovely atmosphere.

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4) Choose photogenic makeup

If you want makeup that looks great on camera without running or smearing, choose a thin foundation and plain makeup. Mark your inner eye line and use a lipstick in a plain colour. This look is always photogenic! Remember, the more natural your makeup appears, the better your photos will be.

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5) One last important note!

Once you’ve taken your photos, you’ll be tempted to share them immediately on social media. But there’ll be lots of time for that later. This is your honeymoon, your very first journey together after your big day, so put your phone or camera away and enjoy building sweet memories together.

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Got it? Great! Now get ready to take some incredible photos and make your sweet honeymoon trip the journey of your life!

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