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Fun Ways To Surprise Your Father

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Yes, he might tell the same lame jokes and hold you back from living your best life (“Are you sure selling your worldly belongings and travelling to Timbuktu is going to work, hmmm?”) but that’s what dads are for, right? Whether he’s your go-to guru, shoulder to cry on or as reliable as your morning cup of caffeine, he deserves to be celebrated on Father’s Day – quirks and all! Discover a gift idea that’ll perfectly match his unique personality with our handy guide.


Classic Dad                                 

Dad washes his car on a Saturday never a Sunday. Classic dad. He has a signature dish that he loves rustling up on special occasions. Classic dad. And his boat shoe collection is unreal. Classic dad.

So, if he’s set in his ways then play it safe and refill his favourite aftershave. If he always goes for practical options over the most fashionable, then choose a gift that will easily slot into his lifestyle. Or you could try encouraging him to try something new – but just remember, he will need baby steps. Maybe take him from a disposable 3-blade razor to an electronic 5-blade…

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Sporty Dad

When he’s not supporting his favourite team – code for, screaming at the telly – he’s outdoors on the field/pitch/court [insert his go-to sport here]. Because of his passion for fitness, he’s always full of beans and his perfect day out involves some sort of long and pacey hike.

Sound familiar? To match his active lifestyle, opt for a gift that’ll workout as hard as he does – like a zesty fragrance or a sweat-proof grooming set. And for extra brownie points, why not make him a voucher (from you or from your kids, if your shopping on behalf of the little ones) for a group session of his favourite sport. The extra thoughtful touch is sure to go down a treat!

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Dapper Dad

If suave and sophisticated are two words that come to mind when describing your Dad then he deserves the ‘dapper’ label. Maybe he spends all day in a suit or maybe his aura is just that of an old worldly gentleman – whatever the case he clearly appreciates the finer things in life.

Match his exquisite taste by gifting him a sartorial scent or a grooming gift that’ll help upkeep his pristine image. Think scented beard oils, decadent deodorants and hair trimmers.

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