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Guide To Grooming Men’s Eyebrows


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Brows so cray they need their own postcode? Don’t worry – a bit of handy tweezing can get you looking a little less Liam Gallagher or Bert from Sesame Street in no time. But before you go in all guns blazing (and end up with no eyebrows at all), follow these steps…

Step one

Arm yourself with an eyebrow brush. Using the bristly end, brush upwards along each brow. Don’t panic if they look as if you’ve been electrocuted!

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Step two

Taking a pair of nail scissors (steer clear of curved scissors unless you want your brows to look wonky), trim along the top of your brows, clipping any hairs that stick up. Push the eyebrow brush against the brow so the hairs stick up more evenly.

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Step three

Now you can pick up your slanted tweezersBrace yourself – this might hurt a lil, so numb the area with ice first.

Pluck the centre of your brows to get rid of any mono-action you might have going on, and any stray hairs underneath the brow arch. To stop yourself getting carried away, place the eyebrow brush vertically along the bridge of your nose, and stop plucking where the brush meets your brow.

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