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Choose Your Personality And See Which Lip Color Fits You Best

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Below are four inclusive personality types, choose the one that you think matches you the best, and we will recommend you your compatible lip shade and texture!


Personality A

Brave, Optimistic, Honest, Down to earth


Personality B

Patient, Timid, Sweet, Genuine


Personality C

Sophisticated, Competitive, Individualistic, Organized


Personality D

Funny, Adventurous, Creative, Bright


 (Scroll down for answers!)


Personality A

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Shade: A feverish warm red.

Texture: Lip tint, lip crayon. 

To complement your alluring yet responsible personality, warm colors will bring out the best of you, especially a passionate red. However, you should use textures such as lip tints and crayons as it will subdue the boldness and add an extra sheen to your lips. A warm red shade would be perfect for brunch dates and pictures under the sunlight!

Note: Darker reds stand out more with pale skin while bright reds and blood oranges would look great on darker skin.


Personality B

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Shade: A delicate Rose Pink

Texture: Cream Lipstick.

Consider buying yourself a dusty pink shade to add to your lipstick collection. Not only is it essential for one to own a natural pink lipstick, a gentle shade like this would further enhance your gracefulness and femininity. Go for cream lipsticks, it is ideal for an everyday wear; especially for ones who are more reserved but would still like a little confidence boost!


Personality C

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Shade: A trendy Purple Brown

Texture: Matte Cream/Liquid Lipstick.

Your poised and urban character would look especially stylish with a purple brown shade. It is totally your preference of whether to go for a more orangey brown or a more mauve brown, but either shade will for sure be a scene-stealer! Recommended to use a matte lip cream or liquid lipstick for long lasting effect and extra boldness!

Note: The texture of matte liquid lipsticks is quite dry, apply a layer of lip balm beforehand will decrease the dryness. 


Personality D

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Shade: A fun coral orange.

Texture: Any!

Nothing beats a radiant orange shade to exhibit your individualistic personality. Be original and wear a bright coral orange to casual night outs and steal the spotlight. Your joyful and extrovert personality would look great with any texture. If you are more humble, try a sheeny lip balm or a creamy lipstick, but if you are brave, rock a matte liquid lip cream!

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