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Going on a night out and don’t want to look like you’re wearing the same outfit as your last Insta post? Nothing a few crystals can’t fix. Want to show the festival crowd who’s boss? Glitter crown it is. Want to dazzle on the dance floor? You get where we’re going with this…

Yes, stick-on gems are having a MAJOR moment. Taking inspiration from the oh-so cool crystal trend, we’ve created a jewel nail art look that’ll add a touch of bling to your everyday.


What Will I Need to Create this Jewel Nail Art Look?

  • 5 x bold-coloured nail polishes
  • 1 x white nail polish
  • 1 x black nail polish
  • Nail art/cuticle sticks

Step 1 – Form the perfect base

File down all your nails so they are all similar in size and shape. Next, apply your base colour until you have a block finish. We’ve alternated the base colours for each nail but you can coat them all in the same colour if you want a subtle finish.

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Step 2 – Create the jewel outline

Dip a cuticle stick in black nail polish and draw the outline of your jewel. Go geometric with your design by keeping a hexagonal centre. Leave to dry before moving on to the next step.

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Step 3 – Colour in the smaller blocks

To add depth to your design, colour in two outer shapes with a darker nail polish and two blocks with a lighter one. Stay inside the lines as much as you can, but if you overlap simply go over the black lines again for a clean finish.

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Step 4 – Time to sparkle

To give the design a three-dimensional effect, artfully place a couple of thin white lines. You can use a thin brush to achieve this or another cuticle stick. Finish off with a transparent top coat to add extra shine!

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