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Boys always say that girls with no makeup look best. Can you really believe them? The reason Korean-style makeup is so popular is that it gives you a “clean and natural” look. Here are some all-important tips to create a perfect natural look!


  1. Moisturiser comes first

Moisturising is the best way to give skin a dewier, natural finish! If the skin is too dry, there will be fine lines remaining when the makeup settles, and it accentuates any uneven skin. So never forget to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

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  1. Less is more

It is important to create a translucent makeup base, so do not apply too much liquid foundation or liquid foundation that is too thick. For blemishes that are difficult to hide with foundation, use a LITTLE concealer to cover and finally apply a LITTLE powder to set your makeup! As you can see, the key point is to keep everything little.  Otherwise, it will turn cakey and look like you’re wearing a thick mask on your face!

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  1. Clean eyebrows

Not only the eyes, but eyebrows are also the icing on any makeup! Get your eyebrows shaped regularly and use an eyebrow pencil just a shade lighter than your brows to give your makeup a more natural vibe!


  1. Eyelashes

Dramatic eyeliners are big no-no when it comes to natural looking makeup! Always avoid eyeliners that are too bold or too dark. Want to create big and impactful eyes? Use mascara to shape your lashes to make them look extended and lifted. A small tip: Apply mascara to your lower lashes as well and watch your eyes transform into a doll-like wide-eyed look!

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A natural look can be more complex than you think. It might look simple but is actually not that easy to create. Get your natural looking makeup just right to achieve clean and glowing skin!

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