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Body Hair – Everything You Need To Know About It

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It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your… hair! Only if you want to, of course – feel free to go a natural if that’s your jam. But for those of you who do enjoy being silky smooth for the summer, there are some tips and tricks that your skin will thank you for. You know the kinda problems we’re talkin’ about… from ingrown hairs to stubble rash, bothersome bristles can be the bane of our lives once the temperature cranks up or a holiday is on the cards. That’s why we’re here to give you the ins ’n’ outs and dos ’n’ don’ts of banishing body hair. Welcome to the masterclass, ladies…


What to use and where

Use tools you feel comfortable and confident with – but there are a few ground rules that could help you pick your product. And if your shaving routine has fallen into a funk, it might be time to try something new. The key to beauty is finding what works for you. It’s about getting the foundations right and establishing products, techniques and routines that suit your skin type and your lifestyle. That’s where we come in…

Upper lip

This may seem like an afterthought for a lot of people (especially if the hair isn’t dark or thick) but using a razor or trimmer for a quick fix could make the hair grow back coarser and only provide a short-term fix. That’s why when managing the moustache, it’s best to go for a specially formulated facial hair-removal cream. Remember, just because it’s a small area doesn’t mean it deserves any less attention…

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For this area, our picks are a razor or wax. If you opt for shaving, use a good quality multi-blade razor to ensure a smoother shave and prevent irritation. Disposable razors might be tempting.

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Most of us have tried shaving and waxing our legs, but there are downsides to both methods. When you use a razor, it feels as if your hairs start to grow back almost immediately, while waxing can be tricky if you’re new to the game. Enter the epilator! Put simply, an epilator is a machine with lots of tiny, tweezer-like hair removers, which roll over the skin and banish bristles right from the root. This leaves you with a smoother, longer-lasting shave and helps hair grow back thinner – sounds like a winner to us.

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Bikini area

When it comes to your bits, sorting the stubble can be a real challenge. Crevices and folds make it hard to get a smooth finish, and regrowth can be itchy and uncomfortable. It’s also an area of hair that women are taking more control over in recent years, ditching salon styles for more personal results, so there isn’t really a one-product-fits-all solution.

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