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Summer comes again! However, after Spring and Summer, fat has grown a lot and we start to worry about our body shape as we need to wear mini skirts and vest in this hot weather. And today we will introduce a weight reduction method to you. No workout! No diet! And you only need to follow the “3:8 Fat Burning Clock” theory and you can lose weight easily and healthily.

“3:8 Fat Burning Clock”

  1. 3:8 diet clock

The “3” of diet clock is to remind us to absorb balanced nutrition including carbohydrates, protein and fat. Each meal can also include fruits and vegetables to help digestion and gastrointestinal motility. The “8” means having dinner before 8 o’clock every night. If the dinner time is too close to the time of sleep, it will be too late to digest and affect the quality of sleep. There is also a tip that the amount of dinner should be “not more than lunch” as the standard!

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  1. 3:8 Motion clock

For girls who have no habit of exercising, 30 minutes exercise will be difficult, so you can start with walking. The goal is set to walk for more than 30 minutes a day, 30 minutes sounds very long, but if you split the 30 minutes into 3 sets of 10 minutes, you can grasp the status of daily commuting, lunch, etc., and slowly accumulate the walking hours!

In addition to walking for 30 minutes, 8 minutes stretching before going to bed can help you sleep better and eliminate edema. There are many lymph glands distributed throughout the body. Stretching can enhance the blood flow of lymph glands to achieve the effect of eliminating edema!

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  1. 3:8 Sleep Clock

The golden hour of sleep is from 11pm to 2am. This time is the time for body detoxification, and this time will also decompose fat growth hormone. So just taking a good rest during this time will not only reduce fat growth, but also reduce body toxins. As the skin becomes better, it naturally reduces fat.

And 8 is to sleep 8 hours. Adults need at least 7.5 hours of sleep every day, so you need to set a goal of sleeping at least 7.5 to 8 hours a day. People also secrete hormones that break down fat during sleep. If the quality of sleep is good, they will consume about 300 calories a day.
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