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It is vitamin packed and contains a concentrated sourced of calcium and iodine. Natural antioxidant properties have also been found in it. Yes, we are talk about seaweed. Not only does seaweed become a rising star on superfood table, it is also an important element to revitalize skin and hair. Now, let’s see the seaweed benefits to us.

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Seaweed is superfoods for skin. It can survive under extreme conditions and adapt to changing environments. Its resilient and restorative nature makes it a powerful ingredient for skin care products. The potent and concentrated antioxidant found in seaweed extract help protect skin cells from free radicals attack and restore them to their healthy state, easing skin ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines.

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The marine plant is also known as a great detoxifying agent. When applying seaweed extract to body, it draws excess fluid, cleanses dead skin cells, pulls out toxins from the pores and helps with skin ailments like cellulite and rosacea. Additionally seaweed is a great cure for acne as it reduces inflammation and redness, as well as regulates sebum production.

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Besides skin benefits, seaweed is also superfoods for hair, minerals in seaweed also help your hair shine. For example arame, the black-brown seaweed used in sushi and other Japanese dishes is said to nourish scalp and hair follicles. It also helps strengthen hair shafts, making the hair look healthier.

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Seaweed is also a natural hair growth booster as it contains iodine, a nutrient that stimulates hair growth. While adding seaweed in your diet may help hair growth, applying seaweed extract directly to your scalp can also do the trick. Because the micronutrients in seaweed help fight off bacteria and microscopic fungus that are destroying hair follicles, as a result stop hair shedding, hair thinning and balding.


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